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Еurope Code Week 2019

Од 5. до 20. октобра 2019 одржана је Европска недеља кодирања, Europe Code Week 2019.

Europe Code Week је основан као иницијатива којa слави креативност, решавање проблема и сарадњу кроз програмирање и друге технолошке активности. Идеја је да се програмирање учини видљивијим, да се младима, одраслима и старијим особама покаже како да идеју кодирања примене у пракси, демистификују ову вештину и мотивираше људе да уче.

Зашто кодирање? Кодирање помаже у развоју компетенција попут рачунарског размишљања, решавања проблема, креативности и тимског рада – вештине добре за све старосне групе.

Наше учешће

Наша школа – Хемијско-прехрамбена технолошка школа придружила се Europe Code Week 2019 организовањем активности под називом:

Presenting food categories by using code

Ученици II7 са ментором Пешић Горданом направили су пар презентација на тему Food categories користећи Scratch. Презентације су урађене на енглеском језику. Такође ова активност је део Code Week 4 All Challange као део активности коју је организовала партнерска школа из Грчке, а у оквиру eTwining project – „Healthy Generations“.

Presenting food categories by using code – Greece





У наставку су линкови ка нашим презентацијама урађеним у Scratch.


Food categories

Нови пројекат-Healthy Generations

О пројекту

In this project, students will learn about food and healthy habits to maintain human health. This is by first identifying the human body and its components and digestion process, and then identify the food groups and characteristics of each group. And to identify the diseases caused by the lack or increase of some nutrients, in addition to the importance of daily exercise.

1-to explore many aspects around „food“ so to understand its relation with their growth and health.
2- To be encouraged to make more conscious food choices.
3-To raise awareness about healthy eating and improve their habits.
4- To improve their English language and ICTS skills

1. Activity 1 – „Let us introduce each other and showcase our schools and countries“. The Padlet offers  every student the same / own presents and his own (web pages, games, social sites, applications, etc.)
2. Activity 2 – „I and my body.“ Students will express parts of the human body and its components in different ways. Stories, songs, drawings …… Students will share their stories with their partners and in each country there will be an exhibition of 3 caricatures from each country. Students will decide which  means to choose.
3. Activity 3 – „My Food Groups“. The students will be organized in a multi-national team and a small number of sites will be devoted to research on the food issue (one team will look at food for construction, another team will search for energy food, one will look for a group of food for prevention, another team will discuss the importance of water and mineral salts) . After that, the teams will be asked to evaluate peer work and use the Tricider tool to w.

E-magazine with articles on various issues related to project theme, posters, infographics, caricature stories, etc E-book with healthy meal plans and recipes for healthy snacks doing these students they will demonstrate their  awareness of the subject and will improve their health habits, increase physical activity, improve their English language and ICT. The results will be evaluated and students will be
rewarded. The results of the project will be posted on the Facebook page of the school and on the school’s web page and in various other contexts (teacher meetings, parent meetings, and student